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More Capacity, better service

When you need to move full truckload freight, Triple D Express is a reliable, and responsive full truckload carrier that you can trust. 


Full Truckload Carrier

What is Full Truckload Shipping?

Full truckload carriers transport freight weighing greater than 20,000 pounds in 48- to 53-foot trailers. When you’re transporting large quantities, using a full truckload carrier and shipping service enables you to take advantage of economies of scale. 


Advantages to Full Truckload Shipping

A full truckload is best for large shipments, generally over 20,000 pounds. A customer has peace of mind knowing that they have dedicated shipping.


Because the freight is only handled during loading and unloading, the chance of damage is lower. Fragile cargo requires more space (full truckload).


Many shippers steer away from Full truckload shipping because it requires shippers to fill an entire truck, van, or flatbed trailer. However when a shipper has a high volume of freight, Full Truckload Delivery is often the most economical because carriers offer better rates. 

Get An Full Truckload Shipping Quote Today


We pride ourselves on being solution providers that approach each job in a different way because no two loads are ever the same. No matter what industry you work in or what type of commodities you need to be transported, we have the logistics expertise to find the ideal solution. Request an full truckload quote today to start saving time and money on your urgent freight shipments.

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